Image Field – Intro

8K video, color, sound, 00:11:19, 2020

Image Field – Intro presents a virtual trip into Image Field Space, or it is another guided tour of Image Field, in which the virtual guide introduces Image Field and roughly introduces several existing subprojects.

Image Field, an assemblage of images distributed across multiple fields of modes, is a strategy for intervening in complex contemporary image phenomena, and it is also a research project centered on the image after the emergence of image reproduction technologies, specifically photography, and through the mediatization of the screen space and the infrastructure on which media art is based.

Image Field is a hybrid image research project that aims to create a visual project space in a virtual space based on research ideas and sub-projects from multiple directions, namely, Image Field Space (currently in Beta phase). Also related to this project is the Image Field Institute (conceptualization phase), which aims to build a project archive and create an open community.

In addition, access to Image Field is also available as an online 3D hybrid space based on WegGL, a planar web site as an information connection point, etc. Entrance to the Image Field:

video still