(Ro)bird’s-Eye View

4K video, 2-channel, color, sound, 00:09:14, 2019

In this work the artist explores the present Alienated Viewing Behavior in Visual Technology. A bird’s eye view is the perspective obtained by humans after acquiring the flight ability like birds, By the concept of bird’s eye view, the difference between (Ro) bird and Raw Bird is described as a microcosm of the conflict between the high dimension of scientific and technological viewing and the primitiveness of biological eye viewing. Compared with the traditional bird view (Raw Bird’s-Eye View), the drone ((Ro)bird’s-Eye View) deprives us of privileges in flight and viewing, It knocked our bodies back on the ground. In this type of viewing behavior, the human eye is taken out of the body by the drone, and the moving viewing is replaced by the viewing movement. In the video, the artist uses a structured narrative to integrate key technologies of the visual part of the drone, such as connection, movement, virtuality, control, supervision, etc., into several chapters. Throughout the video is the artist’s special treatment of the image. While artists use images to sort out concepts, through the extensive borrowing of found image materials, the richness of multiple fields is introduced into narrative coding.

video still