Reassembling Painting – Black Box

4K video, 2-channel, color, sound, 00:04:13, 2019

This project is the result of cross-disciplinary research by artists in the fields of painting and technology. This work uses 3D scenes generated by CG to construct a virtual ruin scene. The artist deconstructs many painting-related elements and presents them in a 3D-analytic way.

The work aims to reflect on how the art form of physical intuitiveness as a human being continues to exist in a digital (post-digital) environment, and whether it shows the possibility of a weakening of the physical presence of the human being. The artist places the painting in the post-human context, combined with the visual technology system of the post-human society, the painting elements are reshaped, the painting object is reconstructed into a digital visual element at this time, and the entire visual system is constructed in virtual in the 3D world. The intervention of the painting context makes the work not only confined to virtual vision. Different images in the video broaden the extended meaning of the picture. The work also refers to the authority of art, the global impact of the Internet, image archiving, and mysticism in technology.

video still