Hidden Flow – Cement Plant

4K video, 2-channel, color, no sound, 00:02:07, loop, 2020

Hidden Flow – Cement Plant is a research-based work about the reconstruction of things on a virtual level after they have been completely destroyed or damaged on a physical level, and attempts to combine two research directions, namely digital archaeology and image archiving. The artist tries to collect images from the Internet and create a digital image archive by working like an archaeological dig. The archived images of reality are introduced as another form of image. In addition, the virtual model is another image stand-in, seemingly tangible but in fact another image form, and the stream of images becomes the material for the reconstruction work. The study examined historical images of the cement plant in Heidelberg, Germany, and reconstructed the virtual state of the cement plant based on images of a factory site that had been demolished. The cement factory is given the implication of construction, so this video is also a metaphor for the cyclical turnover of things in existence.

video still