My Mind As/Is Your Memory, My Body As/Is Your Substance

4K digital video, color, sound, 00:02:30, 2023

My Mind As/Is Your Memory, My Body As/Is Your Substance is a new media and video work that explores the relationship between humanoid robots and humans in the context of a post-human wasteland. Through the use of CGI, the artist creates visually rich sequences that integrate themes and clues to provoke questions about the creation and life of robots, the appearance of robots in relation to humans, and the politics associated with the death of a robot.

The artist examines the dichotomous hierarchy between robots and humans that was prevalent in the early days of AI, but has since been broken down by literature and art. The spiritual intelligence of robots has been raised to a higher level, and the explosion of hardware development has rapidly upgraded the robot’s body. However, there remains an innate heterogeneity between humans and robots due to the separation of the physical from the mechanical and the procedural from the psychological. The artist’s practice revolves around the question of the composition of the life of a humanoid robot, and the work portrays a robot reflecting on its creation, existence, and demise. Key elements, such as the eye, minerals, and human skin, are used to explore questions about how the robot’s mind and body are shaped.

The work also addresses cultural and political aspects of robots in the field of humanities, such as cultural inheritance and political correctness. Additionally, the death of a robot is an extension of the research question related to the life of a robot, extending the same cultural phenomena that accompany the death of a human being to the realm of robots.

installation view